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On this episode of Management Development Unlocked, Eric sits down with Matt Gjertsen, the founder and Chief Learning Officer of Better Every Day Studios. Better Every Day Studios aims to transform how companies view talent development by building custom training solutions that deliver business results for organizations. Matt uses what he learned as an instructor pilot in the U.S. Air Force and a SpaceX manager as a foundation for his training and development solutions. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Matt Gjertsen’s background in the U.S. Air Force and SpaceX, which laid the foundation for how he thinks about training and development.
  2. How Matt defines behavior-based training and the four levels of training evaluation using the Kirkpatrick Model.
  3. Why culture is just an accumulation of behaviors within an organization.
  4. The differences between behavior-based training and “normal” training and coaching.
  5. The three realms of practice: naive, purposeful, and deliberate, and why they are critical elements for a manager.
  6. How managers can apply behavior-based training with their teams.
  7. Identifying the gap between desired performance and current performance to focus your training.
  8. What Matt Gjertsen’s company does and the new products they offer help hiring managers and interviewers.

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