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I'm Eric Girard and I help new managers transform from high-performing individual contributors to great people managers. We also help experienced managers supercharge their skills.

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New Manager Workshops

We offer a wide array of workshops designed to take new managers to the next level. From managing teams, to DiSC®, to interviewing and hiring, our workshops train individuals in the art and science of managing people.

World-class Facilitation

Our facilitators guide learners as they explore new information and challenges. We serve as moderators in discussions, present and support activities, and help with problem-solving and goal-setting throughout. Our facilitation process empowers participants and ensures that goals are met.

Learning Experience Design

We design creative learning solutions that keep students engaged and focused on the defined learning objectives. We offer both ILT (instructor-led) and VILT (virtual) solutions. Our learning programs are engaging, fully learner-centered, and yield meaningful and productive experiences for participants.

#1 Best Seller and #1 in Amazon New Releases!

I was once a new, poorly prepared manager. I was promoted to lead my former teammates and I did everything wrong.

I vowed to work to overcome my deficiencies and help ensure those who came after me didn’t repeat my mistakes. My mission is to help new managers not just survive, but thrive in their new role.

Recent review:

“I read it and I loved it. It is just the right length to have useful information but not be overwhelming. I have bought it for one colleague and am sending it to another.” - Jane Barnes, Principal, Learning and Development, Geosyntec Consultants

My new book will help you become a better manager. Get your print, ebook, or audiobook copy today.

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